Capacity List


300 Tonne Brake Press – 5.0 metres wide capacity

Guillotines – 20 gauge to 16mm thick x 3.6 metres wide

150 Tonne Punch and Shear Station – up to 30mm thick

Turning – Up to 800mm diameter x 2.8 metres long

Milling – Up to 900mm x 1500mm x 3 metres long

Milling – up to 900mm x 1000mm x 4 metres long

Drilling and tapping

Shaft reclamation work

Vibratory stress-relieving

Plate Rolls – Up to 3 metres wide

Section Rolls – Angle, channel, tees and tube

Multihead CNC Profiler – Up to 150mm thick mild steel (flame cut)

Single head CNC Profiler – up to 25mm thick mild/stainless/aluminium (plasma cut)

Cold Sawing – Up to 600mm wide


M.l.G., T.l.G., M.M.A. and Gas welding

In-house stud welding


Grit blasting

Zinc and Aluminium metal spraying

Paint spraying

20 tonne single lift availability

Work with Matravers Engineering

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