Precast Concrete & Steel Moulds made by Matravers Engineering

The design and manufacture of steel moulds for the casting of either pre-cast or in-situ elements forms a substantial part of Matravers Engineering output.

We have supplied steel moulds for the following products:

• Columns
• Beams (including Ground Beams & Bridge Beams)
• Wall Units
• Floors
• Staircases
• Terrace Units
• Balconies
• Box Culverts
• Double Tee Units
• Parapets
• Chimney Sections
• Multiple Cell Units
• Duct Units
• Tunnel Segments
• Crash Barriers
• Retaining Wall Units
• Sea Defence Units

We also supply many of the ancillary fittings used in precast and in-situ concrete casting.

Please contact us with details of your specific mould or shuttering requirements.

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